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What’s the real cost?

We see families every day doing their best to discern what they are paying for at an orthodontic office. Surprise alert: You may not be getting that bargain you had hoped for at another office. We take the guesswork out of this process and have solid numbers to show after 22 years of practice with one doctor.


Here are just a few of many factors to consider:

  • Would you pay more to get more?
  • Do you want your kids to miss more school and use those valuable vacation days for orthodontic visits
  • Braces are NOT just braces — would you select a high volume Lasik surgeon to correct your vision?
  • The highest Google/ Social Media/ Healthgrades reviews in the area. All organic, unique, different, and no third parties to create them!
  • We don’t sell braces. We beautifully engineer amazing smiles and have one ABO board-certified doctor
  • who has the experience to treat your problem.
  • Don’t fall for propaganda. Learn the real facts provided during a complimentary consultation and feel great about your life-changing decision.


On average, our families will save approximately $432 per family member who receives full treatment compared to other practices! Our fee is comprehensive. There are no hidden fees, and we minimize your external costs/visits to specialists whenever possible.

We advocate for your family during the entire process, and reduce your time in trying to figure it all out. Our communication and customer service are clear and concise. We do not charge an additional cost for clear braces, Invisalign®, soft tissue laser procedures, 3D imaging, or permanent retainers (when indicated), to just name a few of our many benefits that VO patients receive without having to inquire.


Did you know that our patients miss 30% less school than other practices? Dr. Vargo has systemically engineered each visit to maximize what we do, to help families reduce missed time from school and work. Our smaller practice allows our team to deliver a higher quality of results. Fewer emergency visits/broken appliances = less missed school and work, better school performance, and increased financial savings.


We don’t sell braces or boast about a system that will revolutionize your care. Our level of quality begins with our attention to details, level of care, and training of our team that exceeds state standards.

Dr. Vargo never uses the same braces prescription on every patient, and our prescriptions are proprietary, so NO other practice has the recipe for what we call our “secret sauce.” Ask yourself, would you believe a treating physician if they told you every patient needed the same prescription/medication/supplements to cure their ailments?

We want the best version of you and believe that’s why you deserve individual treatment that will minimize additional costly treatment later in life!


If you hired an artist to do your portrait or a painter to paint your house, would you want the job subbed out to someone else? Have you ever heard of a Vargo patient who didn’t love their VO Smile in all of your years?

Dr. Vargo doesn’t delegate his work. He’s a perfectionist in every standard, and our team members must pass regular standard tests to work on your family. Rest assured that only the BEST crew has the privilege to work on your family members here at Vargo Orthodontics.


We believe your smile can change your future! Our society wants you to believe that you can get braces cheaper and you can shop for bargains discount/sale on treatment. Our fees might seem higher, but you can feel confident that we haven’t left anything out to lower the fee.

We are confident that our fees are solid in the level of care you will receive. Dr. Vargo worked for a high-volume practice in Atlanta for years and will tell you that volume can reduce costs, but it comes at price!

Do you think that the same orthodontist can produce the identical quality if he/she is seeing 60 patients a day vs. 120 patients a day? It is not possible, because quantity and quality can’t coexist. Apply the analogy to any profession. Can a school teacher with 120 students a day have the same impact as the one that has 45 students in the classroom?

Orthodontics is an important LIFE decision. We value those who choose us, and we promise you’ll be confident in your decision to use our practice! Call now to learn how we can help your family, and we won’t allow the finances to be the obstacle that prevents you from getting the same care. Our financial arrangements are customized to fit your lifestyle. We proudly boast that 97% of our patients that begin treatment in our office actually complete their treatment with us!